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to energy data

Easy, secure and scalable access to energy data from millions of smart and advanced meters, as well as other smart devices.

n3rgy's proposition

The digital fuel of decarbonisation

Smart energy data has the potential to greatly enhance and expand your product and services. By using the data we provide, you can increase accuracy and efficiency as well as enable new offerings, helping drive decarbonisation.

Chief Sustainability Officers can gather greater insight of energy consumption, identify opportunities for decarbonisation and renewable energy projects, reduce energy use and optimise energy production based on actual usage data. Track your direct and indirect carbon footprint to meet and continuously improve your environmental and social responsibility goals
If you are a business or organisation with a sizeable customer/associates base you can enrich and/or expand your value propositions by adding smart energy data to the customer profiling. You can tailor products/services, gain insights, lower energy expenses, and aid them in achieving sustainability goals and ESG objectives.
Monitor the energy used across your property portfolio, protect vulnerable tenants and identify those at risk or in fuel poverty through their energy behaviours. Prioritise properties in most need of energy efficiency measures and improve the general health and maintenance status of your overall portfolio.

Accurately and efficiently gather data from a large number of meters with industry-leading dependability and commodity costs.

Collect data to meet regulatory requirements, reduce expenses, and improve operational efficiency, while also building customer engagement beyond your current customer base, develop new tariff models (e.g. Time-of-Use, Type of Use) and energy service models (e.g. demand side flexibility, small scale aggregation and local energy)
Collect the necessary data to effectively oversee your network and the equipment utilised, as well as to feed your flexibility-first system design, planning and operations to accelerate the pace of the transition to a cleaner energy system.

Understand the net effect of your assets on the energy use at each site, use this information to further optimise and improve their operational efficiencies and value they create.

Innovators can develop and offer services directly to their customer base or white-label to other organisations without being tied to specific energy suppliers. Both R&D and commercial services can range from providing visibility and transparency, extracting insights and enabling energy services such as time-of-use/type-of-use propositions, subscription based home improvement offerings, demand flexibility services and ESG objectives.

Service Features

Data at your

The n3rgy Software as a Service Platform (SaaS), enables any organisation to collect smart meter data (with the data owner’s consent) regardless of the energy supplier, meter operator, or connection to the property.

Consumer consent

We provide integrated, authorised and audited consent frameworks and solutions significantly simplifying the processes associated with collecting and managing consumer consent

Estate management

Our inventory and diagnostic services enable organisations to manage millions of meters by automating the monitoring, diagnosing and rectifying issues within their meter estate.

Infinitely scalable

The n3rgy saas platform, utilising cutting-edge cloud technology, adapts to meet customers' needs, whether usage is steady or requires sudden, high-volume migration.

Commodity pricing

At n3rgy, we believe that obtaining energy data should be simple, affordable, and straightforward. We provide the most cost effective service regardless of size.


Whether you’re a small business or a large organisation looking to extract value from energy data, our service can help.

We offer a streamlined and standardised service that allows you to access data from a range of smart meters and devices, including first, second, and future generation smart meters, as well as Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) devices. Our secure and scalable platform allows you to easily access any data you need, whenever you need it.


You can gain visibility of your energy data and exercise control over which businesses you’ve granted consent to access your data.

Our service gives you the ability to see all the consents you have given to businesses to access your energy data via our SaaS platform and the option to revoke these consents at any time. Additionally, you can download your data. This way, you can feel confident when giving consent for businesses to access your data.

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