n3rgy data – accessing smart energy data

Control your energy data

How it works

Our service is a digital energy platform that brings the energy industry into the 21st century by utilising the latest technology and standards. Our services to manage consumer consent and collect energy data from smart meters are used by businesses offering energy services to consumers. For consumers, our focus is empowering them to take control of their energy data.

What to expect

Control over who accesses your data

Via our Consumer Portal, we provide you with full visibility and control over what organisations have access to and when they last accessed your data via our digital platform. You can also withdraw the consent at any time

Easy to use platform

If any organisation accesses your energy data through the n3rgy data service, you can access the consumer portal directly by logging in with your smart meter identification.

Download your energy data

You can download it at any time by specifying the time period and the data type. Simply log in or sign up to our consumer portal and hit download. After all, it’s your data.

Integrate to our API endpoints

You can also use our free API for consumers to gain access to your own data. First, you have to sign up as a consumer. Click here to find more information and examples of how to use the API.

Sign up to access data

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