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How it works

Our Software as a Service cutting-edge digital energy platform is bringing the energy industry into the 21st Century. Our platform uses the latest technology and industry standards to offer businesses a fully automated and self-service solution for integrating energy data to enable their business propositions.

What to expect

API ‘Simple Interface’

n3rgy provides a simple, easy to use interface to authorise and access energy consumption, tariff and device information as well as abstracting industry regulation into an easy-to-follow technology solution.


Customer development and integration can be completed before subscription is required using our free sandbox service containing thousands of demonstration properties.

Business portal

Our business portal allows customers to manage their service and have access to API documentation without the need to contact our support teams. (although this is still available if required).

Consumer portal

Our portal to allow consumers to download their own data, as well as to manage any consents given for organisations to access their data.

Hassle-free, high-quality
access to data

Hassle-free, high-quality access to data

We give businesses quick and easy access to smart meter data. Our innovative Software as a Service platform provides simple API endpoints for getting customer consent, collecting data, pairing, and collecting data about smart devices and their status.

Where do I begin?

Sign up for our free Sandbox service. You’ll have access to our Business Portal, which contains all API documentation, API access keys, and other useful information.

Pricing models to support your business

n3rgy offers a range of pricing plans to suit every business, starting at a low annual taster fee to begin accessing live meter data from a limited number of properties and including options that scale with your business.


Our standard pricing plans are ideal for businesses starting with a small volume of properties. Includes data collection from SMETs meters in the property. It provides affordable cost base for minimum value propositions, as well as commercial operations.

Subscription fees are structured in annual fees covering up to 50 or 100 properties and tiered per property, charged monthly from property 101. Suitable for business cases below 5,500 properties.


Our pricing plan based on scale ensures that businesses with a larger number of properties can benefit from growth right from the start. The plan includes an annual fee that covers up to 20,000 properties, and a monthly fee per property that is tiered for properties above 20,001. This plan is best suited for business cases with more than 5,500 properties.


Our volume pricing plan is ideal for business handling very large volumes of meters. It is a fully commoditised pricing model based on a per-meter monthly competitive subscription fee. Minimum volume commitment and contract term apply.

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