n3rgy data – accessing smart energy data


Our data services are hosted on the world’s most widely used and reliable cloud computer platform. Amazon Web Services use all commercially reasonable efforts to maintain a service availability of greater than 99.95% availability. Our use of this platform and the mechanisms we have developed allow n3rgy data ltd to offer the same commitment in terms of service availability. Scheduled and, where ever possible, unscheduled maintenance will be planned to be performed during business hours. This principle is set forth with the expectation that most of the service use by the customer will occur outside business hours as the customers automated systems request and collect data from smart meters ready for analytics and processing during the business day. If this is proven to be incorrect for our customers, we will endeavour to revise our maintenance schedules to avoid possible conflicts with our customers use of the platform. Recovery Time Objectives are supported with a continuous service provision architecture based on the Amazon Web Services solution stack, service restoration due to hardware or platform failure should be instantiations and part of the enabling service architecture. Data held by the platform is also subject to the same service provision platform, the design of the service ensures no data is deleted.

Annual Service Support

Annual service support covers all actions that result from reactive maintenance (error corrections), preventative maintenance (upgrades and log checking) and evolutionary maintenance (adding new features to the system). It also provides help desk activities, from problem detection to acceptance by end users. The aim is to ensure that a flexible mechanism exists between n3rgy data and Customers to ensure that the system functions and evolves correctly throughout its life cycle. The service support terms may change from time to time at our convenience. The overall aim is to establish between Customer and n3rgy data a simplified and flexible mechanism to assure the system’s correct functionality during its life cycle, also allowing for its natural evolution to best adapt to the market changing needs. The following actions are considered within the Support & Maintenance Plan for issue resolution:
Type Actions Description
A Incidents / Problem Corrections Corrective actions to solve problems identified during system exploitation and formally communicated via email.
B Scheduled Support / Replacement / Upgrades Scheduled preventive actions to maintain the system in perfect operating order. Also covers actions to replace or upgrade obsolete system components with newer versions. These actions are communicated via email.
C Help Desk On call support to provide end users the necessary technical support availability.
It is assumed that the incident will be reported via email to the address support@data.n3rgy.com from the Customer in order to expedite the response time. n3rgy data in response will make available a unique ticket identifier to reliably manage support interactions. n3rgy data support aligns with industry best practice ITSM, based on ITIL v3 Foundation (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) standards, which provide a practical, ‘no-nonsense’ framework for identifying, planning, delivering and supporting IT services to businesses.