What we do

Accelerating energy transformation

n3rgy provides digital services to business involved in the transforming energy market. Whether startups looking to secure their position in the market, mature new entrants looking to grow into energy or established energy organisations looking to take advantage of the digital transformation. With a wealth of knowledge and experience from the formative years of digital energy transformation, n3rgy can provide insight, connection and platforms to accelerate your service. This will position your business at the crest of this wave of change and opportunity.


Energy transformation will touch many aspects of our daily life, it's time to make it a positive experience.

About Us

n3rgy was founded by senior leaders in the initial energy transformation sponsored by UK government. With a wealth of experience and insight we are are now bringing services that provides real platforms for businesses to engage and succeed in energy.

Matt Roderick

Matthew Roderick


Experienced in driving high profile & publicly visible technology initiatives that positively affect tens.

Tereza Borges

Tereza Borges


We are living exciting times! The combination of drivers and enablers are accelerating the pace.

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